We specialize in bringing you the most effective eco-friendly solutions to enhance fuel-efficiency, increase performance, save money, and extend the service life of motor engines and industrial machines with zero side effects or bi-products.

At Sol4 Lanka, our primary focus is to invest in proven technologies that deliver customer-centric products that are essentially non-synthetic, chemical-free, and earth-friendly/ eco friendly. We believe customer satisfaction is determined by convenience, safety, and durability and that is exactly what we are here to deliver.


Sol4 Lanka is the only company in Sri Lanka to introduce eco-friendly solutions to save fuel with maximum efficiency, and protect engine parts for maximum durability and performance in vehicles and industrial machines.

  • Enhance fuel efficiency
  • Increase performance
  • Zero side effects
  • Non-synthetic
  • Chemical-free
  • Save fuel with
  • Protect engine
  • Extend the service life of motor engines

GREEN Technology

Save Fuel

Save Money

More Mileage

Less Maintenance

Eco Friendly

Minimize Air Pollution

Greater Performance

Minimize Power Consumption


Sol4 Lanka is the sole distributor for Soltron Enzyme Fuel treatment and EZI anti-friction metal treatment in Sri Lanka.

May it be cars, motorbikes, three-wheelers, busses, trains, commercial vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, motorboats, air crafts or industrial machines, our products are designed for the use of all fuel engines (petrol, diesel, kerosene or furnace oil). Our customers place their trust in the reliability, consistency, and safety that is guaranteed with every purchase of our products with the added benefit of impressive savings.

Industrial machines: factory boilers and generators, power plants, and any other engines powered by fossil fuels.

What makes us different?

Quality over Quantity

The key to keeping maintenance costs and unnecessary, time-consuming repairs at a minimum is to find the best and suitable solutions to help motor vehicles and industrial machines function smoothly and efficiently. That is why we at SOL4 Lanka invest in internationally proven technologies so that completely combustible clean fuel and friction-less engines can become a reality here in Sri Lanka too.

SOLTRON® Enzyme Fuel Treatment

The most economical,
eco-friendly, fuel saver

Soltron enzymatic fuel treatment is a 100% organic enzyme package, extracted from microbes living in soil, plants (terrestrial and marine), and crude oil. It performs as a non- metallic fuel curator, which upgrades fuel quality and increases fuel efficiency while reducing toxic gas emissions that pollute the air.

Benefits of SOLTRON Fuel Treatment

  • Saves fuel up to 15%
  • Enhances fuel quality
  • Boosts pulling power
  • Excellent engine performance
  • Reduces carbon build-up
  • Protects the diesel pump
  • Protects plugs and nozzles
  • Eliminates bacteria, yeast, and fungi in fuel
  • Eliminates Sludge formation
  • Eliminates smoke and soot and toxic gas emission up to 40%
  • Helps reduce air pollution
  • Eco friendly

Comprehensive tests and trials carried out by reputed institutes such as Queens University in Belfast, UK, and University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka

Soltron Enhances Fuel quality

Soltron is 100% organic, extracted from plant enzymes and other natural sources. It upgrades fuel quality which determines efficient combustion.


Pure Undiluted metal conditioner to reduce metal wear, vibration, noise and heat.

EZI - Anti Friction Metal Treatment
Protect engine parts for maximum durability

EZI is a 100% natural, scientifically blended petroleum based formula, designed to reduce friction and overcome wear and tear problems in engines and machines. Lubricants are generally known to provide lubricity, whereas the cutting-edge technology of EZI goes a few steps ahead to strengthen interactive metal surfaces against wearing out and helps maintain engines and machines at an optimum level for a longer period of time.

Benefits of EZI Anti Friction Metal Treatment

  • Reduces Friction
  • Minimizes metal-wear by 50% or more
  • Minimizes ‘morning start’/ ‘Dry Start’ wear
  • Increases engine power & pulling power
  • Minimizes engine vibration and noise
  • Lowers heat
  • Extends battery life
  • Protects engine against corrosion
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Sustains the quality of engine oil for a longer period of time
  • Provides longer services life for engines and machines
  • Extends oil and filter service life
  • Eases maintenance cost
  • Minimizes electricity consumption up to 20% (a special benefit for industrial machinery)

EZI Anti Friction Metal Treatment

EZI is a 100% natural, scientifically blended petroleum based formula, designed to reduce friction and overcome wear and tear problems in engines and machines.

SOL4 Technology

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