Cure nature to nurture the future generation with Soltron Enzymatic Fuel Treatment

Clean air is the holy grail of our existence;

without which living will be impossible. In the world before technology and industrialization the air was clear and pure. The only worry was putting food on the table for your family. The passing years gave us other problems to ponder; and each year saw to mankind answer the world’s questions through innovations and developments. However, with all these innovations and developments comes a silent

killer, and it is as deadly as one who deals damage upfront. Air pollution is a result of the negligence of

mankind. The World Health Organization deemed that around 4.6 million of the entire global population fall victim of the lack of clean air, and that nearly 92% of the population reside in areas where clean air is scarce.

Sri Lanka alone has reported 7,792 casualties due to air-pollution related diseases (as of 2019) and it is expected to increase each year.

The United Nations have declared that around 7 million people worldwide die prematurely each year from air pollution, with about 4 millions of  these deaths occurring in Asia-Pacific. Air pollution costs the global economy $5 trillion every year in welfare costs. Further, ground-level ozone pollution is expected to reduce staple crop yields by 26% by 2030.

If the global statistics does not cause a trigger, consider the fact that 45% of the admissions of children to hospitals are due to air pollution in Sri Lanka. In an urbanized setting, this might not seem clear, but the true reality can be identified once we venture onto the Nothern Province where lack of clean air is a massive threat for the children’s’ overall wellbeing. A single person alone cannot put a stop to this catastrophe. Each person is responsible to clear up after themselves. The most important thing that needs to consider is the vehicle that is used. It is very convenient to step into a vehicle and rush off to work early in the morning. It might be convenient for the driver, but the carbon emission left in its wake prove otherwise. To give a solution, one must dive into the core cause to such emissions. The primary cause is identified within the engine of the vehicle, and the nature of the gasoline used as fuel. The fuel is burnt to give the needed drive, and the unburnt particles get sent out of the exhaust into the environment. That is the

Here’s how it works

If your fuel consumption is minimum 50L per month, here’s your fuel saving

With 92 Octane Petrol

50Lof 92 Octane petrol (@Rs 157)Rs 7850.00
Saving of fuel minimum 10% withSOLTRON enzymatic fuel treatmentRs 785.00
Cost of 50ml bottleSOLTRON enzymatic fuel treatmentRs 130.00
Total saving per month (Rs 785.00 – 130.00)Rs 655.00

** 1ml of SOLTRON per 1L of fuel**

With 95 Octane Petrol

50Lof 95 Octane petrol (@Rs 184)Rs 9200.00
Saving of fuel minimum 10% withSOLTRON enzymatic fuel treatmentRs 920.00
Cost of 50ml bottleSOLTRON enzymatic fuel treatmentRs 130.00
Total saving per month (Rs 920.00 – 130.00)Rs 790.00

** 1ml of SOLTRON per 1L of fuel**

Additional benefits of SOLTRON enzymatic fuel treatment

  • Saves fuel up to 15%
  • Enhances fuel quality
  • Boosts pulling power
  • Excellent engine performance
  • Reduces carbon build-up
  • Protects the diesel pump
  • Protects plugs and nozzles
  • Eliminates bacteria, yeast, and fungi in fuel
  • Eliminates Sludge formation
  • Eliminates smoke and soot and toxic gas emission up to 40%
  • Helps reduce air pollution
  • Eco friendly

Get your hands on a bottle of SOLTRON and start saving RIGHT NOW!

Available at all CEYPETCO and LAUGFS fuel stations island-wide.

Did you know?

60% of air pollution in Sri Lanka is caused by vehicles?

According to RMV records, there are 8 million+ registered vehicles (cars, busses, lorries, trucks, motor bikes, vans and trishaws) in Sri Lanka. Each of these vehicles, new or old, is contributing to air pollution with every litre of fossil fuel (petrol, diesel) they consume.

As the rate of urbanization increases, the rate of traffic congestion significantly increases. Traffic pollution is created in the form of carbon dioxide, poisonous gases, soot and Particulate Emissions (PE) which is a cancer causing agent. These harmful agents pave the way to smog and global warming. The rate of air purity or pollution can be measured in real time by the AQI (air quality index).

Research conducted by The Ministry of Health shows that air pollution largely contributes to many adverse health issues in adults as well as children causing reparatory illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and even lung cancer. As the rate of air pollution goes up, so does the hospital admissions for asthma and other lung related diseases.

There is a simple solution to fight air pollution, and that is to use a Fuel Treatment, each time you pump fuel to your vehicle.

SOLTRON enzymatic fuel treatment is 100% free from chemicals and the safest, most effective product to cut down carbon emissions up to 50% in your vehicle.

SOLTRON’ s nano technology along with its natural enzymes breaks down hydrocarbons for easy and complete combustion. This prevents carbon emissions that pollute the air, and minimize fuel wastage by 10% or more. The frequent use of SOLTRON will have a positive impact on the environment as well our health and wellbeing. In other words, SOLTRON is the best medicine to mitigate air pollution (caused by vehicles) and help our lungs breath fresh air.

SOLTRON is a product of Japan, available worldwide and sold in Sri Lanka with the recommendation of CEYPETCO. Purchase your bottle of SOLTRON today from the nearest CEYPETCO or LAUGFS fuel station and start driving green to protect our planet.

As we all practice strict health guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid 19, taking care of our vehicle is equally crucial for its wellbeing. Letting your car sit for an extended period of time can be quite harmful and incur unnecessary repairs and maintenance costs. Here are some easy steps to follow to help your vehicle stay healthy during a lockdown or while you work from home.

1. The Three-in-one Fix

Take your car for a drive around the neighborhood once a week.  This will help recharge the battery, lubricate the moving parts of the vehicle and give the tires a good workout and help them combat any flat spots or tire pressure.

2. Lubrication is the key

Good quality engine oil? Definitely.

Engine oil + Anti friction metal guard? Better choice.

Combine an anti-friction metal treatment with your choice of engine oil to fight friction and minimize damages caused by wear and tear. EZI Anti-friction Metal Treatment does all that plus it protects the quality of the engine oil for a longer period of time which means you can easily extend the filter service cycle and also double the engine life. What’s best? It doesn’t drain out even when the engine is inactive and therefore will minimize wearing out during ‘dry start’/ ‘morning start’. Learn more

3.  Some stretching exercises

Open and close all doors, boot and bonnet. Roll down and roll up all windows, Move the seats back and forth, operate outer rear-view mirrors etc. Turn on other functions such as A/C and lights and check indicators to see if anything needs your attention.

4. Full Tank

Yes, you have nowhere to go. But emergencies can always happen. So keep your fuel tank sufficiently topped up and use a good fuel treatment such as Soltron to prevent contamination with moisture and sludge build-up. Soltron enhances and protects fuel quality, helps maintain a clean fuel tank, fuel pumps, plugs, and nozzles. Therefore the fuel tank doesn’t need to be checked or cleaned later on. Learn more

5. Pick a suitable parking spot

Did you know that parking on soft surfaces like grass or dirt road can cause moisture to settle on the underside of your car and form rust on its metal parts? Therefore it would be ideal to park on a pavement to avoid such problems. If your car is exposed to the sun, cover it with a car cover to protect its exterior.

6. Wipers off the windscreen

Do not keep wipers stuck on the windshield for too long. This might create permanent marks on the screen. Raise the wiper blades or place a wrap under the blades to safeguard your windscreen. Clean the wiper blades before you head out in your car.