Can I use Soltron in a brand new vehicle?

Yes. Soltron can be used in both new and old vehicles.

Does Soltron include any chemicals? Will it harm or affect the engine?

Soltron is a 100% natural enzyme fuel treatment. It does not contain any chemicals and does not cause any short term or long term damages to the engine at all. Soltron is 100% eco friendly.

Does Soltron affect the Octane or Cetane levels in fuel?

Soltron technology is capable of boosting fuel performance without changing the specifications of fuels.

Soltron functions as a bio-catalyst by breaking down hydrocarbon molecules into the nano level, hence elevating fuel to the highest level for a complete combustion process.

Is there an initial investment prior to using Soltron?

There is no initial investment prior to using Soltron, nor a payback period. 

How do I check the saving on fuel?

Soltron guarantees a fuel saving of 5 -10% for road vehicles. The saving may vary depending on the time spent in roadblocks and traffic jams which slows down actual moving time while the engine is running. 

Do I need to service my vehicle before using Soltron?

Not necessarily.

Can I use Soltron for a Hybrid vehicle?

Yes definitely. Since fuel is not being used continuously, it will prevent sludge build-up in the fuel tank and prevent contamination. Soltron will help prevent fuel from aging and preserve its quality.

I have accidentally added more Soltron than recommended. Will this be harmful to my engine?

The recommended dose is 1ml (Soltron) per 1L (fuel). Adding a little more Soltron does not cause any harm to the engine. However, it is best to avoid unnecessary over-dose.

Where can I purchase Soltron?

Soltron can be purchased from CEYPETCO and LAUGFS fuel stations and OIL MART's island wide 

Is Soltron a certified product?

Yes. The benefits of Soltron have been tested both locally and internationally. Soltron is also the only fuel treatment which is endorsed by Ceylon Petroleum Corporation since 2006.


How do I use EZI?

Mix EZI with any engine oil.

EZI power lube for Lubricants

EZI hydraulic oil for Hydraulic oils and grease.

Do I have to change the lubricant in the engine before using EZI

It may be added at any time without changing the lubricant in use, But it is best to use with the oil change ( New )  to preserve lubricant properties and the quality for a longer period.

Does EZI affect any engine/ machine parts?

EZI does not cause any short term or long term damage to any engine/ machine parts. EZI reduces friction thus strengthening the interactive metal surfaces, extending its service life.