Fuel-saving products in Sri Lanka

Raise your hand if you have not searched the internet for fuel-saving products.

Let’s be honest! We have all invested in some sort of energy-saving or power-saving or water-saving solution for our homes. These great solutions not only save us money but may also help preserve the planet’s natural resources in the long run.

If you are on the lookout for fuel saving products, Here are some important guidelines to help you pick the right product.

Tip #1. NO fuel-saving product will ever save fuel consumption by 50% or more.

That’s literally too good to be true. A quality fuel treatment can save approximately 05% – 15% of your fuel cost. That being said, do not expect a fuel-saving when your vehicle is stuck in traffic. A vehicle must run a certain mileage to be able to calculate the actual consumption of fuel. (Ex: How many miles a vehicle can run with a gallon of fuel)

Tip #2. Stay away from products that only get you a ‘pass’ on the emission test.

Most fuel additives are made of harmful chemicals that will clean out the fuel system of carbon deposits and help you get past the emission test. A good quality fuel treatment should enhance the fuel quality, effectively breakdown long-chain hydrocarbons for complete and faster combustion, eliminate sludge formation, and keep plugs and nozzles clean at all times. The result? Excellent engine performance plus a drastic reduction in ‘black smoke’ and poisonous gas emissions. You will also pass the emission test. Win-win!

Tip #3. Always look for nonsynthetic, chemical-free products that do not have adverse effects on your fuel system or engine.

Here’s the good news. There may be plenty of products that claim to be the best, but there is only one that ticks all the boxes and also gets the job done. SOLTRON is a 100% organic, enzymatic fuel treatment. It’s a non-metallic fuel curator, which upgrades fuel quality and increases fuel efficiency while reducing toxic gas emissions that pollute the air. SOLTRON  is a product of Japan, tested by the University of Moratuwa and endorsed by the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation as the only fuel treatment which enhances combustion efficiency without changing the specifications of fossil fuels.