How Traffic Pollution Effects on our Health and Environment

Did you know?

60% of air pollution in Sri Lanka is caused by vehicles?

According to RMV records, there are 8 million+ registered vehicles (cars, busses, lorries, trucks, motor bikes, vans and trishaws) in Sri Lanka. Each of these vehicles, new or old, is contributing to air pollution with every litre of fossil fuel (petrol, diesel) they consume.

As the rate of urbanization increases, the rate of traffic congestion significantly increases. Traffic pollution is created in the form of carbon dioxide, poisonous gases, soot and Particulate Emissions (PE) which is a cancer causing agent. These harmful agents pave the way to smog and global warming. The rate of air purity or pollution can be measured in real time by the AQI (air quality index).

Research conducted by The Ministry of Health shows that air pollution largely contributes to many adverse health issues in adults as well as children causing reparatory illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and even lung cancer. As the rate of air pollution goes up, so does the hospital admissions for asthma and other lung related diseases.

There is a simple solution to fight air pollution, and that is to use a Fuel Treatment, each time you pump fuel to your vehicle.

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SOLTRON’ s nano technology along with its natural enzymes breaks down hydrocarbons for easy and complete combustion. This prevents carbon emissions that pollute the air, and minimize fuel wastage by 10% or more. The frequent use of SOLTRON will have a positive impact on the environment as well our health and wellbeing. In other words, SOLTRON is the best medicine to mitigate air pollution (caused by vehicles) and help our lungs breath fresh air.

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