best engine protector in sri lanka

Best product to save engines and machines from wear and tear

Wear and tear is natural and inevitable in engines and machines during everyday use. The wear & tear damage caused by friction can be generally controlled with oils and lubricants. But can any of these products contribute to longer service life?

EZI anti-friction metal treatment not only minimizes friction, but it also minimizes the wear and tear rate by 50% or more. Most importantly, EZI strengthens metal surfaces and protects interactive metal parts which can help extend service life and prolong oil change intervals. EZI also has a high success rate for minimizing electricity consumption in industrial machinery. A satisfactory drop in vibration, heat, and noise can be noticed from the very first use of EZI anti-friction metal treatment.

Being a mineral-based formula, EZI is eco friendly and does not contain any traces of PTFE (Teflon), Moly, Graphite, Metal, Zinc, Petroleum fillers, or other fortifiers – therefore it is safe to use and does not cause any short term or long term damage to the engine or machine.

Best engine protector products minimize wear and tear.