The Greener Future

Earth is our home and we have no planet B. As a future-focused organization, our social and environmental responsibility is driven by a passion to help meet the needs of our community while minimizing Carbon Foot Print.


21 years of established recognition in the local market has magnified our approach to improving the performance of engines and machines without the use of harmful chemicals. Our ecofriendly solutions are the result of groundbreaking technologies developed in Japan and Germany. We take pride in being the ‘one-stop’ solutions provider to improve fuel combustion, maximize fuel economy, and boost service life. What’s more. Our products have zero impact on the environment and will help you reduce your carbon footprint too.

Get on board with us. Let’s drive clean!

Our distribution network is spread islandwide for higher product availability and convenience. Our dealers at CEYPETCO and LAUGFS fuel stations and Oil Marts are ready to serve you, anytime, island-wide!

We specialize in bringing you the most effective eco-friendly solutions to enhance fuel-efficiency, increase performance, save money, and extend the service life of motor engines and industrial machines with zero side effects or bi-products.

At Sol4 Lanka, our primary focus is to invest in proven technologies that deliver customer-centric products which are essentially non-synthetic, chemical-free, and earth-friendly/ eco friendly. We believe customer satisfaction is determined by convenience, safety, and durability and that is exactly what we are here to deliver.

Sol4 Lanka is the only company in Sri Lanka to introduce eco-friendly solutions to save fuel with maximum efficiency, and protect engine parts for maximum durability and performance in vehicles and industrial machines.

What makes us different?

Quality over Quantity

The key to keeping maintenance costs and unnecessary, time-consuming repairs at a minimum is to find the best and suitable solutions to help motor vehicles and industrial machines function smoothly and efficiently. That is why we at SOL4 Lanka invest in internationally proven technologies so that completely combustible clean fuel and friction-less engines can become a reality here in Sri Lanka too.

Our commitment

Is to strengthen our brand’s presence by connecting people to eco-friendly solutions for vehicles and industrial machinery.

Our Team’

We are a small team with a considerably large vision backed by a can-do attitude. Each of our team members brings a wealth of experience and we are geared to assist and guide you at all times. Our biggest strength is our after-sales service and our customers love us for it.