SOLTRON® Enzyme Fuel Treatment

The most economical, eco-friendly, fuel saver

Soltron enzymatic fuel treatment is a 100% organic enzyme package, extracted from microbes living in soil, plants (terrestrial and marine) It performs as a non-metallic fuel curator, which upgrades fuel quality and increases fuel efficiency while reducing toxic gas emissions that pollute the air.

When Soltron is added to fossil fuels (Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, and Furnace oil), it triggers a catalytic reaction, breaking and cleaving long-chain hydrocarbons. Also, Soltron breaks-down sludge at the bottom of the fuel tank and converts hydrocarbon elements in the sludge back to certified, re-usable fuel. The outcome is efficient and complete combustion. The concept is simple. Complete combustion generates more power. A cleaner ‘burn’ proportionately reduces CO2, CO, HC, SOx, NOx & particulate emissions. This is why Soltron is popular for its Eco friendly, fuel-saving properties.

Soltron is a product of Japan, invented over 40 years ago, and sold over many developed countries worldwide. Soltron was introduced to Sri Lanka in 2000 and is endorsed by the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation as the only fuel treatment which enhances combustion efficiency without changing the specification of fossil fuels. Comprehensive tests and trials carried out by reputed institutes such as Queens University in Belfast, UK, and University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka support the remarkable benefits of Soltron.

Key Benefits of SOLTRON Fuel Treatment

  • Saves fuel up to 15%
  • Enhances fuel quality
  • Boosts pulling power
  • Excellent engine performance
  • Reduces carbon build-up
  • Protects the diesel pump
  • Protects plugs and nozzles
  • Eliminates bacteria, yeast, and fungi in fuel
  • Eliminates Sludge formation
  • Eliminates smoke and soot and toxic gas emission up to 40%
  • Helps reduce air pollution
  • Eco friendly



How virgin fuel appears

Hydrocarbon molocules

All fossil fuels are made up of hydrocarbons of different sizes and configurations. It’s the root cause of incomplete combustion.


High carbon deposit on spark plugs 


High carbon deposit on engine valves 


High carbon deposit on piston heads


Fuel with SOLTRON

How the same fuel appears after adding SOLTRON

Large hydrocarbon molecules breaking into a unique state.

Soltron reforms fuel hydrocarbon structures at the molecular level to make the combustion reactions more complete and faster, which improves the performance of all fuel firing systems irrespective of the type, size, and application. These improvements include increased fuel economy, reduced emission, and increased power.


Very low carbon deposit on spark plugs 


Very minimum carbon deposit on engine valves 

Very minimum carbon deposit on piston heads


Cleans the exhaust system 

protect the catalyzer

Fuel injectors without SOLTRON

Decrease fuel efficiency

Fuel system with deposits.

Wrong fuel pressure due to deposits in the fule system

A fuel line clogged by hydrocarbon deposits causes high pressure in the fuel flow, making the injector an inconsistent spray pattern to the combustion chamber. this may cause environmental pollution and decrease fuel efficiency.

Fuel injectors with SOLTRON

Increase fuel efficiency

Fuel system with no deposits

Cleaned fuel system with no deposits. injectors work perfectly on design (standard) pressure after adding SOLTRON.

With the application of Soltron, the entire fuel system remains clean allowing the fuel to flow smoothly.

The specific enzyme technology in Soltron breaks down long-chain hydrocarbons, thus cleaning surfaces and removing hydrocarbon deposits throughout the fuel distribution network. Modifying these chains or stopping the agglomeration of asphaltenes is a scientifically and industry-proven way of enhancing combustion, reducing fuel consumption, and minimizing pollution.


Enhances Fuel quality

Soltron is 100% organic, extracted from plant enzymes and other natural sources. It upgrades fuel quality which determines efficient combustion.

Enhances performance

The enzyme technology found in Soltron will break and cleave long-chain hydrocarbon into a unique stat of fuel molecules promoting efficient and complete combustion in motor engines, generators, boilers, and power plants for more power generation.

Saves Fuel

Soltron promotes complete combustion with minimum fuel consumption ensuring a fuel saving of 8 -15% for road vehicles, up to 20% for motorboats which don’t encounter roadblocks, traffic, or uneven landscape. Boilers, generators and power plants, etc could save fuel up to 6 – 10%.

Saves the Environment

Soltron successfully reduces carbon emission in fuel-powered systems and helps minimize air pollution by up to 40%


soltron protect your Catalytic Converter

Due to the superior combustion quality of Soltron mix fuel ( Diesel/ Petrol ) emissions do carry very minimal toxic emissions to the catalytic converter. Thereby its workload is greatly reduced and its service life is extended extensively.

Soltron reduce the emission of poisonous gases to a dramatic level

Vehicular emissions, generators, industrial boilers, fossil-fuel power plants are some of the most commonly known air pollutants around the world. The emission of poisonous gases and substances not only contaminate the air we breathe, but also trigger many respiratory illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis, and even cancer. 

SOLTRON is the number 1 organic enzyme treatment in the world that can mitigate air pollution caused by fossil fuels (petrol, diesel, kerosene, and furnace oil).  Unlike popular fuel additives in the market, SOLTRON can alter the molecular structure of hydrocarbons and accelerate the chemical reaction for complete combustion and thereby reducing the emission of poisonous gases to a dramatic level.

How to use Soltron

1 ml PER 1L OF




Soltron can be used for

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