Here’s how it works If your fuel consumption is minimum 50L per month, here’s your fuel saving With 92 Octane Petrol 50Lof 92 Octane petrol (@Rs 157) Rs 7850.00 Saving of fuel minimum 10% withSOLTRON enzymatic fuel treatment Rs 785.00 Cost of 50ml bottleSOLTRON enzymatic fuel treatment Rs 130.00 Total saving per month (Rs 785.00

Did you know? 60% of air pollution in Sri Lanka is caused by vehicles? According to RMV records, there are 8 million+ registered vehicles (cars, busses, lorries, trucks, motor bikes, vans and trishaws) in Sri Lanka. Each of these vehicles, new or old, is contributing to air pollution with every litre of fossil fuel (petrol,

As we all practice strict health guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid 19, taking care of our vehicle is equally crucial for its wellbeing. Letting your car sit for an extended period of time can be quite harmful and incur unnecessary repairs and maintenance costs. Here are some easy steps to follow to help

Driving green is a concept that has come to effect in order to lower the negative impact on the planet while meeting our transport needs. In other words, the use of treated fuel promotes a complete combustion and therefore minimizes the output of toxic gases and carbon emissions which mainly cause air pollution. In Sri

Why is EZI the best product for your vehicle Lubrication is essential to help moving metal parts function smoothly while an anti-friction metal treatment such as EZI will largely minimize the damage caused by wear and tear. EZI mixed with a quality lubricant will offer many benefits which will translate to cost savings in many

Why is SOLTRON safe and better than the rest? Soltron is a 100% organic fuel curator that can be used to upgrade the quality of any fuel type (diesel, petrol, kerosene, and furnace oil). Soltron enhances the performance of the fuel for better power output and easy acceleration, and even maintains a clean fuel system

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Wear and tear is natural and inevitable in engines and machines during everyday use. The wear & tear damage caused by friction can be generally controlled with oils and lubricants. But can any of these products contribute to longer service life? EZI anti-friction metal treatment not only minimizes friction, but it also minimizes the wear

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Raise your hand if you have not searched the internet for fuel-saving products. Let’s be honest! We have all invested in some sort of energy-saving or power-saving or water-saving solution for our homes. These great solutions not only save us money but may also help preserve the planet’s natural resources in the long run. If