What does ‘Drive Green’ really mean

Driving green is a concept that has come to effect in order to lower the negative impact on the planet while meeting our transport needs. In other words, the use of treated fuel promotes a complete combustion and therefore minimizes the output of toxic gases and carbon emissions which mainly cause air pollution.

In Sri Lanka, the general perception of driving green is associated with passing the Vehicle Emission Test. Every vehicle owner has to obtain the Sri Lanka Vehicle Emission Test certificate in order to renew the annual revenue license. However, driving green must continue as a habit if we are to safeguard the planet for future generations.

Soltron is a proven and certified solution to mitigate air pollution (up to 50%) caused by vehicular and industrial level carbon emissions. Soltron is a 100% eco-friendly fuel treatment and it is packed with more benefits for the user. There are many fuel treatments in the market, but Soltron stands out as the only enzymatic fuel treatment which means it does not contain any harmful chemicals or by-products.  It improves fuel performance by upgrading fuel quality and reduces fuel consumption up to 15% which translates to greater savings in the long run. It also has a special ability to eliminate bacteria, fungus, and yeast in fuel and convert fuel sludge into clean reusable fuel. Moreover, it prevents clogging and maintains a clean fuel system which will ward off any costly and unnecessary repairs.

Reducing the carbon footprint is every vehicle user’s responsibility and driving green is the right solution. Soltron is backed by numerous field tests and trials in Sri Lanka and overseas for reducing carbon emissions in fuel-powered systems. Ceylon Petroleum Corporation endorses Soltron as the only successful fuel treatment which is safe and capable of enhancing combustion efficiency without changing the specifications of fossil fuels.

Drive Green for a Greener Future!